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Building on our pioneering success story of High Street Phoenix (www.highstreetphoenix.com) & Palladium at Mumbai (www.thephoenixmills.com), Phoenix Mills Limited is at the cutting edge of developing retail-led mixed-use destination assets. As an iconic retail-led mixed use property that has set new benchmarks in India, Phoenix Mills Limited has carved a leadership position for itself in the Retail-Led Mixed-Use format in Asia. In 2011, three of its four Phoenix Marketcities were launched -in Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore. The Phoenix Marketcity at Chennai was being launched in 2012.

"Phoenix Marketcity” is a joint venture, a concept born out of a bold vision to offer India’s urban consumers a place where they can find the best brands, entertainment, convenience and an overall exciting experience. ‘Phoenix Marketcities’ are for a quality and brand- conscious consumer and each project offers increasingly wealthier India the most enjoyable shopping experience with the best products the world has to offer.

'Phoenix Marketcity' concept note
Designed as a ‘city within a city’, Phoenix Marketcities are architecturally path-breaking and iconic destination assets in the heart of Tier-I cities, each project a mixed use development lead by retail component. ‘Phoenix Marketcity” designs are path breaking in the Indian context and have evolved out of a vision for India & driven with an obsession with quality. Typically the largest mall in the city with a footprint well above 2½ million sq. ft. of area and positioned in a prime location with the city, each of the Phoenix Marketcity is designed and built on an unprecedented scale and quality. By including a large and extensive mall with hypermarkets, high-end office spaces, hospitality and entertainment avenues, each’ Phoenix Marketcity’ is an integrated mixed-use developments that are truly ‘one-stop-destination’ for consumers, travelers and businesses alike.

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